Study Abroad

If you’re interested in experiencing another culture, seeing more of the world, and meeting friends from around the globe—while earning academic credit—an international education opportunity is for you. Taking one course or spending a semester or year studying in another country is an excellent way to enhance your university experience.

5 benefits to studying abroad

  1. Experience a new culture
    Share in the customs, traditions, and cultural practices of your host country. You will likely come back thinking differently with a broader worldview.

  2. Explore a different education style
    Experience a different style of education and take courses related to your degree that you may not have been exposed to at home.

  3. Learn a new language
    Immerse yourself in the everyday language of the locals and study a new language at your host university.

  4. Travel the world
    Explore all that your host country has to offer and why not expand your travels to neighbouring countries.

  5. Make lifelong friends from around the world
    Most university partners have diverse international student populations, meet the locals, and make new friends from around the world. 

Female student overlooking a lake in Sweden

International Exchanges

International Exchanges are an excellent way to enhance your university experience. St. Thomas has agreements with several universities around the world that allow students to spend a semester in another country while earning university credit for classes taken while there. While abroad, students often visit more than just the country in which they’re studying.

Group of 3 students smiling in nature with mountain in the background


This option is for students who are looking to travel to another country for three to four weeks. With this program, you will travel in a group with a professor to an international destination where you engage in study together using the local setting and culture as materials. You will earn course credit which is recorded on your transcript and counts toward your degree requirements. Recent Travel-Study opportunities were offered in New York City, Ireland, Spain, England, and Italy.

Upcoming opportunities