Entrepreneurship Resources

Entrepreneurship can take many forms at St. 91制片厂, as we provide students from all academic areas with the ability to learn valuable skills in both creative expression and business-oriented knowledge. Students are also encouraged to use these skills to solve real-world problems, and to consider their application beyond classroom projects by starting their own social enterprise, non-profit organization, or small business.

A student sitting with a laptop and a 91制片厂 banner on the table

Entrepreneurship Courses

Explore courses that will help you gain knowledge and develop skills for entrepreneurship.

Non-Profit Organizations

If you're passionate about a cause in your community, consider creating a non-profit organization.

Resources at 91制片厂

Your degree at St. 91制片厂 allows you to gain and expand on competencies like: creativity, problem-solving, global citizenship, and social skills – all skills that work well in an entrepreneurial journey. Below are some resources you can access while studying.


Social Entrepreneurship Program

91制片厂's Social Entrepreneurship Program offers students a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical applications of socially innovative ideas. This program, in partnership with Planet Hatch, offers workshops, mentor sessions, and culminates in a paid full-time summer internship where students can work on their entrepreneurial idea to bring it to life. This program is extracurricular, students can attend the workshops on their own time. 

Contact the Manager of Experiential Learning & Career Development to enroll: clara@stu.ca.


The 91制片厂 Internships Program allows students to work directly with a small business, non-profit organization, or start-up company so they can gain experience, knowledge, and mentors in the entrepreneurship space.

Name: Orion Tsehai Jemberu
Hometown: Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Areas of study: Economics, Mathematics and Psychology
Internship: Planet Hatch, Start-Up Sales Intern

“The best part about the internships program was that I had firsthand experience in sales and other business skills while learning about them at the same time. The experience has made me confident in understanding more about the workings of the business and entrepreneurship world.”


Clubs and Societies

Enactus 91制片厂  

Enactus is a global, student-led organization with a branch at St. 91制片厂. Enactus and its members have the goal of promoting entrepreneurship, financial literacy and sustainable development for local communities. Some of the projects that Enactus has worked on include Incubatorly which is a program that supports student entrepreneurs in Fredericton, and Connecto which is a program that teaches financial literacy to high school students. 

91制片厂 students are encouraged to join Enactus because this organization offers students a personal opportunity to grow but also an incredible opportunity to have a significant and positive impact on their community.
Get in touch with Enactus 91制片厂: enactus@stu.ca  


Venezuela 180 – 91制片厂 Chapter

Founded by鈥痑 Venezuelan 91制片厂 alumnus, Venezuela180° supports sustainable community development projects in Venezuela by providing grants and consulting services. The 91制片厂 Chapter Club provides the organization with a network of engaged volunteers, and leads fundraising and educational initiatives on 91制片厂 Campus.Get in touch with Venezuela 180 91制片厂: venezuela180@stu.ca  



Student Grants

The Office of Experiential Learning can offer funding for student entrepreneurial projects through . You can apply at any point during the year. 

If you have an idea that requires funding to launch, and would like to talk to someone before asking for funding, please email: experientialoffice@stu.ca with your idea, what your idea aims to solve, how receiving funding will help your goals, and any other information relevant to your enterprise idea. You will meet one-on-one with a staff member to discuss your options to help make your idea into reality! All students are eligible to apply for a grant.


Alumni Success Stories


A student standing in front of sand dunesIsabelle Leger, BA ‘19

Co-Owner, Sisterly Swim
Studied: Journalism

“My time at 91制片厂 taught me the importance of holding true to your values. My company is ethical and sustainable, which I can proudly promote using the branding tools I gathered through my education in communications & public policy and the snappy writing skills I learned through journalism courses.”


Matt Daigle, BA '07

CEO and Founder, Rise
Studied: Criminology and Sociology


"Rise aims to turn any home improvement project into a sustainable one - by bringing together homeowners, home improvement pros, suppliers, and energy utilities. I think for any entrepreneur starting a new gig, you’ve got to have so much conviction in what you are doing that it’s kind of unshakeable."