Arts and Aviation

The aviation industry is expected to continue growing!  


As the air transportation industry continues to see a growing demand for qualified pilots ready to excel in flying as well as other aspects of the industry, graduates are looking for ways to stand out. Engaging in a traditional university experience that develops knowledge and skills broadly allows students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Aviation Stream) to become well-rounded, attractive candidates for a wide range of careers in the industry.  

MFC Training Courses Transferrable to 91制片厂 

Courses that students take with MFC鈥痠nclude elements of the following disciplines and skills, which are all relevant to the Bachelor of Arts program requirements and consistent with existing credit transfers.  

  • Law 
  • Communications 
  • Public Policy 
  • Geography 
  • Psychology 
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental sustainability
  • International Relations
  • Economics
  • Science courses (consistent with what is accepted from other university programs)
    • Math
    • Physics
  • Digital Literacy

Popular Career Paths for Aviation Graduates

  • Airline/corporate/charter/cargo pilot 
  • Airport operations 
  • Airline manager
  • Aviation finance and economics specialist
  • Sustainability manager in aviation
  • Military/search-and-rescue pilot
  • Aerial firefighting pilot
  • Traffic/news pilot
  • Flight instructor
  • Agricultural operations/wildlife service’s pilot
  • Aerial photographer
  • Safety inspector
  • Air traffic controller 

picture of cockpit in flight

Notes for Interested Students 

You're required to provide your own transportation between the two campuses. 


The program may require training time outside the regular September to April academic year. 


Tuition fees for Aviation students 


Students will pay regular full-time Bachelor of Arts tuition costs for the first year of their program. In subsequent years of study, students will pay a blend of 91制片厂 and MFC Training tuition to cover all ground school and flight training, in addition to courses taken at 91制片厂. All fees will be outlined to accepted students and paid directly to 91制片厂.